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Northcoast Aikido Fee Schedule:

  • Adult monthly membership dues:  $75
    • The best way to pay dues is by subscribing to automatic monthly payments from your credit card via Paypal. Subscribers receive a $5 per month discount on dues!
  • Mat fee for Aikidoka visiting from out of the area:  $20 per class
  • Aikido Beginner’s Special: $99
  • Aikibojitsu: $20/class
  • Children’s monthly dues: $40  ($50  for kids attending  twice per week).
  • Adult gi: $45
  • Children’s gi: $30
  • Used gi: $20 (or $10 for just a jacket or pants)
  • Test Fee: $45 (5th – 3rd  kyu), $55 (2nd – 1st kyu)
  • Northcoast Aikido DVDs: $20
  • Aikibojitsu DVDs and books are available for sale at aikibojitsu.com

Additional family members dues are half price!