TomTouchedNorthcoast School of Aikido was founded by John Thomas Read, chief instructor, who is widely recognized for his ability to teach the full variety of Aikido technique in a concise, clear, and powerful way. Both at Northcoast Aikido and in seminars throughout the country, Read Sensei has spent the past thirty years teaching both practical technique, and a complete philosophical basis for power through non-resistance.

On returning from Japan, Sensei Read opened Northcoast Aikido in October of 1977 with formal sanction from Master Mikio Hikitsuchi, to provide an environment dedicated to study of the art of Aikido. Since that time, Northcoast Aikido has gained a reputation as one of the oldest, one of the best, and one of the most unorthodox, Aikido dojos in the country.

In addition, Read Sensei is the Founder of Aikibojitsu, the art of the staff.  For more information on this powerful and beautiful art, please visit aikibojitsu.com