Members and Friends of Northcoast Aikido may now make any type of payment or make tax deductible donations to our not-for-profit dojo through easy and secure PayPal transactions.

The easiest way to pay your regular dues is to “Subscribe” to the dojo using PayPal. For other types of payments refer to the “Donate” button below.

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If for any reason you no longer wish your credit card to be billed with this monthly charge, simply click the Unsubscribe button below and follow PayPal’s instructions:


You can also use PayPal for one-time membership dues payments, Beginner’s Specials, donations, or any other payments (see our Fee Schedule below for offers and pricing).  Please be sure to enter a description of what your payment is for, when given the option to include a note in the PayPal process.

The Donate Button below works for tax-deductible donations as well as any other type of one-time payment.  Just be sure to include a brief description of what your payment is for when prompted. Thanks for supporting Northcoast Aikido!

Northcoast Aikido Fee Schedule:

  • Adult monthly membership dues:  $75 (The best way to pay dues is by subscribing to automatic monthly payments from your credit card using the Make a Payment link above. Subscribers receive a $5 per month discount on dues!)
  • Mat fee for Aikidoka visiting from out of the area:  $10 per class
  • Aikido Beginner’s Special: $99
  • Aikibojitsu: $20/class
  • Children’s monthly dues: $40  ($50  for kids attending  twice per week).
  • Adult gi: $45
  • Children’s gi: $30
  • Used gi: $20 (or $10 for just a jacket or pants)
  • Test Fee: $45 (5th – 3rd  kyu), $55 (2nd – 1st kyu)
  • Northcoast Aikido DVDs: $20
  • Aikibojitsu DVDs and books are available for sale at:

Dues for additional family members are half price!