Northcoast Aikido – Kyu and Dan Promotion Requirements

1. Completion of a minimum number of training sessions as outlined below:

  • 5th Kyu 72 training sessions (6 months at 3 days a week)
  • 4th Kyu 72 training sessions since 5th Kyu
  • 3rd Kyu 72 training sessions since 4th Kyu
  • 2nd Kyu 72 training sessions since 3rd Kyu
  • 1st Kyu 144 training sessions since 2nd Kyu
  • Shodan 144 training sessions since 1st Kyu
  • Nidan 288 training sessions since Shodan (2 years)
  • Sandan 532 training sessions since Nidan (3 years)

(Note: Exceptions to minimums may be made at the discretion of the examining board)

2. Recommendation by an approved Northcoast Aikido instructor.

3. A completed application form signed by the recommending instructor.

4. A period of supervised preparation.

5. Examination fee payable to Northcoast Aikido Foundation attached to the application:

  • 5th – 3rd Kyu $45.00
  • 2nd – 1st Kyu $55.00
  • Shodan $155.00

Specific Examination Requirements:


  • Students testing for a given Kyu rank are assumed to be familiar with ukemi for that rank.

Test Partner

  • Students testing for the same Kyu rank should take ukemi for each other. If that is not possible, a student of a higher rank can take ukemi for the test.

Technical Variations

  • Students should be prepared to demonstrate techniques from both static and moving positions, and students testing for ranks higher than 4th kyu should be prepared to demonstrate variations where appropriate (for example, soto and uchi kaiten nage)


  • Weapons work is a part of every test. The basic 7 bokken suburi, and the traditional staff work of Bo-lkkyo are fundamental requirements. More advanced ranks require various types of paired weapons work. Advanced ranks require skill in Aikibojitsu technique. Basic Aikibojitsu is covered from time to time in or after class, while more advanced Aikibojitsu techniques are covered in a workshop format.

Requirements by rank:

Or you can download a PDF listing all requirements.